At the 2023 Revolve Festival during Coachella, Travis walked in wearing a flamingo cabana shirt from J. Logan Home and matched it with a pair of plain tan shorts. His pastel-coded Nike dunks added the right amount of colour while his shades kept him looking every bit the celebrity he is. “My jaw hit the floor to be honest,” Logan Horne, creative director of J. Logan Home told PopSugar, on seeing Kelce wear his designs. “Since I founded J. Logan Home in 2020, it has been my goal to make it on a star athlete during their now iconic ‘tunnel shots.”Shortcode

Arriving at the Chief’s game late last year in October, the Kansas Chief’s tight-end packed in the swag with his slogan tee. The Vetements piece, which read “I’m not doing shit today”, was casually styled with a pair of pinstripe trousers and bright green Jordan sneakers. The “Wayne’s World” hat he wore has also been spotted on him a few times.

Taylor Swift may be the bigger star but let’s accept it; Travis Kelce is the fashionable one in this power couple. When the NFL star is not in his trademark red uniform, he’s using airport tarmacs and team meetings as his personal runway space, arriving in deliciously styled outfits that dare to push the boundaries of men’s dressing. Gaining popularity for his unique sense of fashion, Travis Kelce is undoubtedly scoring major style points both on and off the gridiron.

“I think it’s a little bit more of a red carpet on the week-to-week and regular-season games in the NFL,” he said in a an interview with Complex, explaining the rise of NFL style in comparison to that of the NBA. “Without a doubt, I think the football world is starting to kind of come around to being that fashion-forward mentality.” Self-awareness and confidence are all a part of this “red carpet” game and Kelce understands that, styling outfits that uniquely combine pieces from both international labels and home-grown brands. Industry heavyweights like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Amiri, and Vetements are afforded equal wardrobe space alongside newer players like J. Logan Home, KidSuper Studios, and The Elder Statesman.

His eclectic and often flamboyant sense of style is a direct reflection of his distinctive personality considering Kelce prefers to work without the conventional celebrity stylist. When it comes to the pieces he selects, there’s a variety you cannot deny. From the classic tuxedo to that hipster 90’s jacket, there’s space for everyone when it comes to Kelce. He’s even sported crushed velvet pants that Swifties believed were strikingly similar to the curtains seen in the background of the singer’s Midnights Mayhem With Me TikTok series. Not to mention, his sneaker closet consists of over 300 pairs, just so he can always have his outfit on point. Now, that’s dedication!

Becoming one of the most stylish men in the world of sports while also emerging as Taylor Swift’s most fashion-forward boyfriend is no easy feat. Let’s take a look at the outfits of Travis Kelce that have earned him the title.



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