5 Photos Of Prince Harry The Palace Would Rather Keep Secret From The Public

5 Photos Of Prince Harry The Palace Would Rather Keep Secret From The Public


Prince Harry is the real life Prince Charming right? His wedding to Meghan Markle was the fairytale any Princess would ever dream of. But before he was walking in his mother’s charitable shows, the young Royal was engaged in quite a few scandals.This includes dressing as a Nazi, using racial slurs and getting into scuffles with photographers.



Let’s take a look at some photos of Harry that the palace just might not want you to see.



7. That Time He Couldn’t Hit His Mouth: Here, Prince Harry can be seen partying with friends at China White following The International Polo at Smiths Lawn back in 2004. It seems that the Prince missed his mouth several times whilst drinking, as it appears he’s got quite a lot of it down his front and all over him.

That Time He Snorted Vodka



6. Topless Harry In The Sea:I mean, you can see why he won the hearts of millions of girls and has ended up with the very stunning Meghan Markle. He’s definitely not bad to look at. Let’s just hope he doesn’t go the way his brother has and starts loosing all of that lovely ginger hair.

Topless Harry In The Sea



5. That Time He Was Drunk And Fell Over:We’ve all been there Harry, stumbling out of the club, getting into the taxi and not quite getting our footing. I once saw a girl do it with a full kebab in her hand. She ended up wearing it and it was one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen.

That Time He Was Drunk And Fell Over



4. The Partying Prince:The Prince was known for his partying antics. Here he is pictured once again at China White. However, this is nothing compared to the next two pictures…

The Partying Prince



3. That Time He Got In A Scuffle With Reporters:Back in 2004, Harry was leaving Pangea nightclub in London when he got a bit of a grump on with photographers taking his picture.Harry’s face was injured, as was a photographer’s. “Prince Harry was hit in the face by a camera as photographers crowded around him as he was getting into a car.”

Photos Of Prince Harry The Palace Would Rather Keep Secret


“In pushing the camera away, it’s understood that a photographer’s lip was cut.”
The photographer said that Harry lashed out and deliberately pushed his camera into his face. At the same time he was repeatedly saying, ‘Why are you doing this? Why don’t you just leave me alone?’”We have to sympathise with him on this.

2. That Time He Snorted Vodka:Yes that’s right, our young (or at least younger than he is now) Prince reportedly took part in a dangerous game which involved snorting vodka whilst on a trip to Namibia.This can be quite dangerous because the idea is that it goes through the blood vessels in the nose directly into the bloodstream and gets it in there more quickly.At least it was vodka and not anything else he was snorting.


That Time He Snorted Vodka



1. That Very Public Display Of Affection:Prince Harry gave fans of the Cricket World Cup more to look at than just bats and balls when he attended in 2007 with his then girlfriend, Chelsy Davy.The PDA-lovin’ prince even wrapped his arm around Chelsy, kissed her shoulder, played with her hair, and certainly gave onlookers something to stare at.


That Very Public Display Of Affection


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