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5 Ways Taylor and Travis Are Raising the Bar on Relationships, According to Psychologists

Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce have become the “it” couple ever since they started dating in mid-2023. Their whirlwind romance has captivated fans and shown what a high-profile yet down-to-earth relationship can look like.

According to psychologists, Swift and Kelce’s very public yet seemingly very fulfilling partnership sets a new standard for healthy relationships in several ways.

“Taylor and Travis’ high-profile relationship taps into the psychosocial theory called ‘social comparison,’ or our tendency to learn more about ourselves and our relationship through observing others,” says Nathan Carroll, associate chief resident psychiatrist at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

By comparing ourselves to this high-achieving and seemingly well-matched couple, we evaluate our own relationships and either feel content or seek self-improvement.

“With such a social comparison, [Taylor’s] fans may also be motivated to replicate what they see in Ms. Swift’s and Mr. Kelce’s relationship in their own relationship,” shares Carroll.

Here’s exactly how the dream team that is Taylor and Travis are raising the bar on relationships, and how you can do the same in your own.



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