$503 Million QB Patrick Mahomes Shows the Easiest Way to Save $8 for Life and Get Verified on Twitter by Elon Musk

Elon Musk recently rocked the world recently as Twitter removed the verification tags of many prominent celebrities. The Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes was also on the list of those affected. But as they say, where there is a will, there is a way. The $503 million QB has shown the easiest way to save $8 on the tag while also getting it back from the Twitter owner.

Mahomes has established himself as an elite quarterback in the NFL. But by getting his verification tag back, he has also proved himself as an able negotiator. How else would he get what he wants from one of the richest people in the world?

Patrick Mahomes got his Twitter verification tag back apparently without paying the $8 fees for it. He simply asked Twitter owner Elon Musk for his blue check. And the Chiefs QB used the same platform to place a demand from the owner of the social media giant.

Mahomes’ follow-up tweet indicated that the MVP had got his way in the matter. When his verification tag came back, Mahomes shot an appreciation message towards Musk. So just two tweets (rather only one, the second came after the fact) is what it cost Mahomes to get his blue tick status back and not the mandatory $8.

The two-time Super Bowl champion isn’t the only one who apparently got his verified status back without actually paying for it. A host of celebrities from different walks of life have got it as a gift from the Twitter owner. In Marcellus Wiley’s words, ‘what the hell is going on with Elon Musk?’

While many prominent people lost their verified status with Twitter, some bigwigs retained it courtesy Elon Musk. He has reportedly gifted the Twitter Blue subscription to a select few celebrities. The list includes NBA legend LeBron James, author Stephen King and Star Trek actor William Shatner. Now even Patrick Mahomes is on the same list.

But it was just Mahomes who used his charm to get around the $8 payment. King and James wouldn’t pay for the service anyway. But they still have their tags. They probably won’t mind Musk paying for it.


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