$503 Million QB Patrick Mahomes, Who Flexed a Cartier Santos at Met Gala 2023, Has Spent Almost a Million on His Luxury Watch Collection

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes does not lack funds. In fact, ever since the Chiefs picked him, he has been able to spend money on himself and his family. Especially when he got that $500 million contract extension, using which he bought himself and his wife some pretty expensive cars. Though, cars and houses are not the only expensive items in his inventory, for he also seems to indulge in high-end watches.

Mahomes sported a Cartier Santos at this year’s Met Gal. Mahomes has been known to sport some very expensive watches on occasion, almost always a Rolex. After all, there is no other subtle way of telling those around you that you have some pretty serious cash in your bank account, right?

Patrick Mahomes has some very expensive watches in his collection
Amongst the known watch collection of the to-be-legend Patrick Mahomes, there exist numerous Rolexs, an Omega, and a potential Chronograph. The latter was seen hugging Mahomes’ wrist during the 2017 NFL Draft, where he was picked #10 overall by the Chiefs. Not the most expensive one, but then again, he was still to sign a contract.

His Rolex collection includes a couple of Yatch Masters, a couple of Daytonas (including a $520k worth Rainbow, and a Two-Tone), a GMT-Master II “Batgirl”, and a Day-Date Platinum. He also owns a solid gold, $36,000 worth Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra, which he wore while shooting for the cover of GQ Magazine. In total, he has a collection worth over $852,000, barely a dent in his $45 million a year salary.

Mahomes made his Met Gala debut in style, with his wife Brittany by his side
Patrick and Brittany Mahomes attended their first-ever Met Gala this year, just months after he won his second Super Bowl. Their outfits were not as glittery and shiny as some others wore. However, it was elegant enough to be the talk of the town. The pair sported custom-made outfits designed by Hugo Boss. While Brittany looked lively in a white gown, Mahomes was impeccable in a black suit and a collarless shirt.

Mahomes is known in the NFL circles for having a good sense of fashion. Often, while arriving for games, Mahomes is seen dressed in stunning outfits. What’s more, he always manages to stand out in a crowd. Even if his outfit is not as glamorous as others, he brings another level of charisma to his outfits. Hopefully, his style sense continues to amaze fans for a very long time.


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