A TikTok bride swapped out her Kate Middleton inspired ballgown and tiara for a reception dress adorned in sparkles.

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The TikTok star, who has over 67,000 followers on the platform and works as a real-estate agent at the “Selling Sunset” famous Oppenheim Group, married Paul Hiepler on June 26. The couple met in middle school and started dating in their junior year of high school. Cassidy told Insider that Paul was “the first boy I ever held hands with, the first boy I ever kissed.”



They had a long-distance relationship while in college, with Cassidy choosing to stay local at the University of Southern California and Paul relocating to Texas.
“It was really hard. It made us realize how much we loved each other, and that we wanted to get married,” Cassidy told Insider. The couple decided to host the ceremony at Paul’s childhood home in Camarillo, California, which Cassidy compared to a “castle or a European chateau.”


kate middleton wedding dress

“So I really wanted to hone in on that vision and just feel like a total princess on my wedding day, and it really did come to life,” Cassidy said. Cassidy opted for a Rita Vinieris ballgown and accessorized with a Marie Elena tiara, which she described as “the little cherry on top in making me feel like royalty.” While shopping for the dress, Cassidy said she didn’t have a particular vision, other than “Kate Middleton vibes.”


“When I tried on that dress, I fell in love with it, and probably didn’t take it off for like an hour. I was the last one in the store,” Cassidy said. She said she made a slight adjustment by adding straps to the gown, which she said made it feel less heavy.   Cassidy wore a second wedding dress, a Nadine Merabi design, for the reception, which she described as “total Gatsby, ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ sparkle everywhere.”



“I think since I posted, it sold out like four times, and I’m like, oh my gosh, I’m selling out this dress with my TikTok video, Cassidy said. Cassidy told Insider that she incorporated the traditional “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” into her wedding day.  For something blue, Cassidy wore blue wedding shoes, and for something new and borrowed, she wore her maid of honor’s tennis bracelet and her mother-in-law’s diamond earrings.


kate middleton cross dresser

For something old, Cassidy took things a step further by creating a “bridal museum,” which displayed her mother, her grandmother, and mother-in-law’s wedding dresses.
“It was really meaningful. And I think it’s things like that which people remember about your wedding day,” she told Insider.


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