Aden Durde: Dallas Cowboys coach talks Micah Parsons, Sam Williams, four-man pressures and defensive coordinator speculation

Dallas Cowboys defensive line coach Aden Durde, who was born in Britain, speaks to Sky Sports about defensive coordinator rumours, working with Micah Parsons, young pass rusher Sam Williams, his side’s strength in depth and the four-man pressures sweeping the NFL
Aden Durde’s primary agenda consists of his Micah Parsons-led Dallas Cowboys front conquering as the most potent, the most productive of its kind in the NFL – the rest will all fall into place.

‘The rest’ being prospective ladder-climbing, the number of rungs between him and a defensive coordinator post seemingly decreasing with every passing season.

As the annual NFL coaching cycle resumed this offseason and Dan Quinn’s name naturally catapulted back towards the top of the market, fans and media alike pondered his potential successor as defensive governor in Dallas. Durde was a popular opinion.

The Cowboys were mid-playoff run at the time and their British defensive line coach, who worked under Quinn with the Atlanta Falcons, admittedly blind-eyeing speculation.
To be honest I don’t think about it at all, I’m not going to lie,” Durde told Sky Sports. “The reason why I say that is because it’s nobody I know talking about it, it’s other people talking about it. Normally when you’re talking about these things [hirings] we’re playing [in the playoffs] so I just want to focus on what we have to do. I admit sometimes it gets hard but when you do that you’re doing what you say you’re doing, you’re trying to achieve the goal you’re aiming for at that time.


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