After Losing Major Offensive Pieces to Dirty Business, $500 Million Worth Patrick Mahomes Uses off Season to Develop Relationships and Assess Competition

The NFL is in the offseason phase and the draft is yet to happen. But despite having leisure time, some athletes are making use to make progress in their skill sets. Among them is Patrick Mahomes, who is making it count in his available time. The Chiefs QB1 is getting his training done alongside an upcoming Niners star who recently came off an injury.

Trey Lance’s debut starting season turned out as a nightmare for him. He suffered an ankle injury after just two starts. The quarterback also had some bugs that he needed to fix as fans critiqued he was not ready for it. Lance is now making notable progress, and he is not alone.

The NFL on Twitter shared a clip showcasing Trey Lance slinging some shots with the ball. The clip, initially shared by Preston Smith Photography, went viral as it featured two budding stars in the league, Lance and Patrick Mahomes. The Grim Reaper also made progress for the injuries that bugged him throughout the playoffs. The Niners QB certainly had enhanced playing tactics that could help him win the starting job again.

It is also interesting for the Gunslinger to practice with a rival conference quarterback. But the Kansas City Chiefs QB1 might take the Michael Jordan approach. Since His Airness also used to bring out his opponents on the court for some joint practice to assess how they play. KC lost some crucial weapons this year, but Mahomes is not looking to lose


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