Ahead of Her Destination Wedding, Simone Biles Takes a Hilarious Dig at Her Guests

A wedding celebration isn’t simply a party, it’s someone’s life milestone, a union of love. However, the event often comes up with miscellaneous issues that, even though minor, are bothersome. It’s not long until we see Simone Biles walk down the aisle with her fiance, Jonathan Owens, for the next phase of their lives, surrounded by her nearest and dearest ones. Yet, Simone Biles struck up an interesting wedding scenario that resonated with her. In a recent Instagram story, the athlete shared a hilarious video of a woman bluntly answering a peculiar question.

The snippet was turned into a meme video, as it displayed a woman noted as the bride irked by the guest’s request to bring an extra person. She denied the request, further expressing her shock as to why was she even asked that. Biles’s update was unworded, but her simply sharing the video hinted at her dilemma.

The 26-year-old seized the moment to shed light on an intriguing aspect ahead of her big day. “Can I bring a plus one?” the question in the Instagram story read. As a response to this, a clip of the woman marked as “Bride” saying, “Absolutely not…why would you ask me that question” was compiled. Presented satirically, the video evidently, hit Biles’s sense of humor. She subtly expressed her views with five laughing emojis.


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