“Always Got a Problem”: Despite Gracing MET Gala, Kentucky Derby & Miami GP, Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Reveals Common Folk Issues $500,000,000 Worth Couple Still Faces

Ever since clinching Super Bowl LVII, Patrick Mahomes and his family have had a minor downgrade in overall good fortunes. Patrick’s grandmother Debbie passed away and his younger brother faces major assault and battery charges. Despite that, Pat and his wife, Brittany Mahomes, still find the time to find joy in the little things and the glamorous nights. The couple made their way to the Met Gala, the Kentucky Derby, and the Miami GP this last month. However, their latest trip wasn’t that fun-filled. But it is something they just couldn’t ignore.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany are parents to 2-year-old Sterling and 5-month-old Bronze. Well, the kids aren’t the only elementary connection in the Mahomes household. Let’s not forget about Steel and Silver, the family’s pet dogs. Brittany and Patrick had an adventurous day out at the veterinary clinic for their paw buddies.

Pat and Brittany’s Day out at the Vet
The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and his wife love their two dogs. Steel, who is a Pitbull, and Silver, a Cane Corso, found an end to their persistent dog issues as their parents took them to the doctor for their monthly checkups. Brittany even shared the hilarious moment in her Instagram story.

“Just paying our monthly visit to the vet cause the dogs always have a problem. Gotta love them,” Brittany captioned the story with a bunch of laughing emojis and a heart.

Patrick Mahomes cannot put off treating his fur babies to the best life, especially given the support Steel and Silver provide for their 2x Super Bowl MVP daddy. “My dad is playing in the Super Bowl,” the canine duo captioned an adorable picture before Mahomes led the Chiefs to a Lombardi victory.

Safe to say that Steel and Silver are an integral cog of the well-functioning Mahomes household.

Brittany Mahomes is fierce about protecting her loved ones
It’s not just the dogs. A few weeks ago, before Jackson Mahomes was arrested on assault charges from an incident in February, the TikTok star’s sister-in-law, Brittany spoke out vehemently in his support. She asked the online universe spewing hate to “just shut up.” That didn’t age well as Jackson Mahomes paid a visit to the Johnson County Jail this week. The 22-year-old was released after posting a $100,000 release bond.

That’s an insignificant amount for the Mahomes with elder brother Patrick signed for over $500 million with the Chiefs. However, the emotional and mental beat down is undoubtedly taxing. Brittany also has the kids to handle, while Patrick Mahomes is already busy getting into regular season mode as the OTAs and preseason roll in.

Jackson’s fate remains in the balance. However, one thing is for sure. Steel and Silver will definitely be rooting for Pat Mahomes when he makes another Super Bowl appearance.


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