Amid Crumbling Marriage With Brooke Shields, American Icon Andre Agassi Confessed Romantic Intentions With Steffi Graff in a 2012 Exclusive

Andre Agassi has been a part of two marriages. His first marriage to Hollywood sensation, Brooke Shields collapsed due to a variety of reasons. But his love life hadn’t ended at that moment and the eight-time Grand Slam champion married again. Once again, to the jealousy of many, Agassi married Steffi Graf. However, Agassi had her eye on her before Graf even knew about his interest. In an interview with Vijay Amritraj, Agassi revealed how he had thought about trying to woo the German tennis legend.

Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi interviewed with the Indian tennis icon Vijay Amritraj in 2012. In the interview, the two discussed several aspects of their lives. Amritraj asked Agassi on how he came to meet Graf. The ‘Punisher’ went on to explain that he fell for Graf in the early 1990s, before he met Brooke Shields.

Agassi explained that he made an effort to meet her and talk to her, but was unsuccessful. Eventually the two went on with their lives and Agassi met Shields. Recalling about the same, he said, “I was taken by Steffi back in the early 90s and futile efforts to get to meet her and talk to her then. But then I, we, went on with our lives, and you know, I got married, and I spent a few short years in a, in a, in a marriage.”

He further said that as he lived through a difficult marriage, he thought about his life a lot. But he never faltered for love. He began his pursuit of the 22-time grand slam champion before she even knew that Agassi and Shields were divorced.

When I was coming out of this, you know, you sit there and you realize so much about yourself when you live in a difficult relationship. And you think about what it is you want for your life and so I started to think about this at that stage, and it was before Steffi even really knew that I was gonna be getting a divorce or anything so I was trying before she knew I was trying.


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