Amid Trouble Maker Jackson’s Unending Drama, Patrick Mahomes Momma Abruptly Shuts Down $15000 Campaign

The glitz and the glamour keep following Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany everywhere they go. Be it the Met Gala, the Kentucky Derby, or the Miami Grand Prix. However, it’s safe to say that these are not the most tranquil times inside the Mahomes household. Younger brother Jackson Mahomes has had legal trouble hanging over his head for over two months. To compound the grief, Patrick and Jackson’s mother, Randi, lost her mother last month. However, Randi’s mourning took a major hit with the news of her son’s arrest.

Grandma Debbie held a special place in every family member’s heart. However, none was closer to the departed than her daughter, Randi Mahomes. The latter took a deep emotional hit after the loss and started a donation campaign in her honor. However, the campaign came to a screeching halt this week after Jackson Mahomes’ arrest.

Debbie Bates Martin passed away on April 5 this year, leaving a gaping hole in Patrick’s mother, Randi Mahomes’ life. In honor of her late mother, Randi started a ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign in the middle of April with a donation target of $15,000. “Starting a scholarship fund to honor my momma. Every dollar will be given to a student in my mom’s name,” Randi Mahomes tweeted.

On May 1, she tweeted, “I was able to raise $270 dollars for my mom’s scholarship to honor her yesterday at the pop-up in Lee’s summit. Thanks to everyone who showed up.”

However, the donation drive posts stopped abruptly after that. This leads to speculations based on the coincidence of the timing of the event. Randi’s son Jackson Mahomes was arrested last Wednesday on assault and battery charges and booked in the Johnson County Jail. He was released post a $100,000 bond.

Since the news of the arrest, the accelerated donation campaign has slowed down with the last donation coming 4 days ago. To date, Randi Mahomes’ donation drive has collected $5,570 with 45 donations.


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