Amidst Wedding Preparations, Simone Biles’ Fiancé Jonathan Owens Makes an Exciting Announcement

Husband-to-be Jonathan Owens’s wedding shenanigans with gymnast Simone Biles have commenced. Theirs is a highly anticipated wedding being awaited by fans on social media and their near and dear ones. However, amidst the preparations for the big day, the NFL player is equally prioritizing his career-related events. Besides regularly attending practice sessions, Owens recently shared another exciting news on social media.

Yesterday, the Houston Texans safety took to his Instagram to share his latest sports brand partnership. From now on, this new brand will provide Owens with the necessary sports items.

Apart from sweating out in practice sessions, the $7 million net-worth NFL player also pays attention to brand partnerships. In his recent Instagram story, the 27-year-old announced his collaboration with sports brand Shah Sports Group.

The Houston Texans Safety shared the post uploaded by the brand’s official Instagram handle. It featured a roaring Jonathan Owens in his jersey. Nevertheless, the image also carried the message, “Welcome To The Family” for the NFL player.


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