Andy Roddick: Lot of people in WTA get covered a lot more than Iga Swiatek for a lot less accomplishments

Iga Swiatek’s inclusion in TIME magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential People of 2023’ list was supported by former World No. 1 Andy Roddick.

On April 13, it was announced that Swiatek was selected in the ‘Pioneers’ category of the famed list. Her profile was authored by Mikaela Shiffrin, a renowned Alpine skier and a close friend of the World No. 1. The Pole was the solitary tennis player to receive the honor in 2023.

In an interview with the Tennis Channel, Andy Roddick expressed his appreciation for the recognition being given to Swiatek, stating that many players in the WTA received a lot more media coverage than the Pole despite having fewer accomplishments to their name.

“One of the things I love seeing because a lot of people on the women’s side get covered a lot more for a lot less accomplishments than Iga Swiatek,” Roddick said.
The American was also pleased to see Swiatek receiving notoriety and media exposure outside of tennis. He praised her exceptional professionalism and her ability to find her voice beyond the confines of the court as qualities that make her deserving of the accolade.

“So I’m happy that she’s getting this crossover exposure because it is well deserved. She is uber professional, she is finding her voice outside of the arena so I love seeing this for Iga,” he added.

In her profile for TIME magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential People of 2023’ list, Mikaela Shiffrin lauded Iga Swiatek’s rise from a small nation like Poland, noting that her ascendancy instilled hope and inspiration among the younger generation, motivating them to also pursue their aspirations.

Shiffrin extended her admiration towards Swiatek, remarking on her unwavering dedication to improving her skills, as well as her graciousness in acknowledging the contributions of those who have helped her progress.

“When Iga Swiatek plays tennis, three things come to mind: beauty, power, and truth. Throughout her rise to the top of tennis—and the top of sport—Iga has shown vulnerability and courage,” she wrote. “She strives relentlessly to improve her game. She gives credit

to those who have supported her, without discounting her own skills and work,” Shiffrin wrote.
The American also praised Iga Swiatek’s advocacy for mental health and her stance on imposing sanctions against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. Shiffrin opined that Swiatek embodies the kind of confidence much needed in the world right now — “action over mere talk.”


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