Baby Lilibet Will Have a Lot in Common With Princess Diana,Says …

Baby Lilibet Will Have a Lot in Common With Princess Diana Says Meghan


Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex recently welcomed a daughter named Lilibet. While the family lives close to Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, their children will not get to meet Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana.Despite this, an astrologer believes Lilibet will grow up to channel much of Diana’s spirit.


Baby Lilibet was named after Princess Diana Lilibet’s first name is a tribute to Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Her Majesty’s childhood nickname was “Lilibet,” and some family members continued to call her that as an adult. Harry and Meghan also gave their daughter the nickname “Lili.”



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Meanwhile, Lilibet’s middle name is “Diana,” named for Harry’s late mother. Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s only daughter, Princess Charlotte, has the middle name “Diana” as well.



The Sussexes’ friend Dean Scott said of Harry and Meghan’s newborn, according to The Sun, “Lili becomes the fourth generation of amazing, strong women in the family-behind Meghan, Diana and her Majesty the Queen. Harry and Meghan now have their complete family. It’s their time to be in the moment.”

Lilibet may have a lot in common with Princess Diana, astrologer says


Lilibet may have a lot in common with Princess Diana



BREAKING: Prince Harry and Meghan welcome a healthy baby daughter, Lilibet Diana, whose name is a tribute to the queen and Harry’s late mother.
— The Associated Press (@AP) June 6, 2021

Lilibet is still only a few days old, so it will be a while before the world gets to see her full personality. However, an astrologer believes this Gemini could later become similar to Diana in her ability to connect with others. “She’s going to be super chatty and engaging as a personality, and with the royal sign of Leo rising like Prince Charles, Camilla and Kate, she’s got the personal presence to be a star in her own right,” Diana’s astrologer, Debbie Frank, told People.



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Frank also added, “Her late grandmother Princess Diana was a sun sign Cancer with a high degree of emotional intelligence. Cancer likes to look after people, and little Lilibet could channel her energy into caring for others.” As for how Diana would feel about Lilibet having her name, Frank believes the late princess would have loved it.



“Diana would have been so touched by both her granddaughters sharing her name,” Frank said. “She would have been absolutely thrilled, and it’s a beautiful gesture of love from both her boys.” Lilibet may have a more dominant personality than her older brother

Lilibet has an older brother named Archie, who was born in May 2019. Archie is now 2 years old, so his personality also needs more time to be fully realized. However, based on his astrology, Frank believes he will not be the dominant one in the sibling relationship.



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“Lili has an assertive moon in Aries, so she’s got a strong desire nature – a need to get what she wants in double-quick time and a streak of bossiness which could dominate her more placid Taurean brother Archie,” Frank stated.

The astrologer also noted that Archie shares the same sign as Queen Elizabeth, so the two of them could have bond with one another. However, Her Majesty’s late husband, Prince Philip, was a Gemini like Lilibet. According to Frank, it’s possible “Lilibet will make the Queen smile in the same way” Philip did.


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