Brittany Mahomes’ Adorable Photo of Her Kids Proves Sterling Is Already the Sweetest Big Sister

It’s been well-established that Sterling Mahomes is her dad Patrick Mahomes’ biggest fan during football season, but it looks like her baby brother is the center of attention post-Super Bowl. In an adorable photo posted on mom Brittany Mahomes’ Instagram story on Thursday, we see Sterling watching TV with her hand gently and lovingly placed on her 3-month-old brother’s head.

The picture is from behind, giving us a perfect view of Sterling’s enviable curls and Patrick ‘Bronze’ Lavon Mahomes III’s baby fuzz. Time will tell if he too has inherited the curly hair gene, and since the siblings are great at twinning, matching locks would only add to their cuteness.

It’s no wonder the snapshot is of the siblings relaxing since we know Bronze is a chill baby. During the family’s trip to Disneyland after Patrick and the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, the infant looked so relaxed in his dad’s arms in front of Cinderella’s castle.

And don’t even get us started on how peaceful Bronze looked in the family’s ethereal photoshoot that took our breath away. Brittany shared some super sweet sibling shots that were captured on the light and airy “set.” In one photo, Sterling reaches toward her baby brother who is wrapped in an off-white crocheted blanket and is sleeping in his mother’s arms. In another, Sterling gives the camera a big smile as she helps her dad hold Bronze.


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