Brittany Mahomes flamed by fans for ‘oversharing’ about daughter Sterling’s toilet training: “Feel so bad for the daughter”

Recently, Brittany Mahomes shared a series of pictures of her two-year-old daughter that Reddit users deemed inappropriate.

Patrick Mahomes’ wife often shares her life choices online with her fans. She posts story updates about her two children, a daughter, Sterling, and a son, Bronze, on her Instagram. While some of the information about her children is adorable, others do not sit well with her fans.

Brittany Mahomes shared with her fans the time-consuming process of potty training a child. She shared pictures of Sterling’s progress, but she also shared pictures of her daughter doing so.

This was something fans did not want the former soccer player to share, as they thought it was not only inappropriate but also personal.

Although Brittany does not score well with fans, she got to hear positive things from an OnlyF*n model. The model appreciated Brittany’s ability to always support her family.

Brittany Mahomes took her children to Patrick Mahomes’ first preseason game

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes recently expanded their family with the arrival of their son, Bronze, creating a loving household of four. Brittany proudly showcased their family’s spirit on gameday by sharing charming snapshots of their little ones donning pre-game attire.

A particularly heartwarming image featured their nine-month-old son dressed in a football-themed onesie, perfectly prepared for the excitement of the game.

As the Kansas City Chiefs embarked on their first preseason game against the New Orleans Saints, Brittany and her children opted to support Patrick Mahomes from the comfort of their home, foregoing attendance at the stadium.

Despite the physical distance, their unwavering encouragement was felt by the star quarterback. Brittany Mahomes also demonstrated her caring and philanthropic nature through her social media presence.

Following the devastating wildfires in Maui, she extended her support by sharing links to fundraisers aimed at assisting the affected communities. Additionally, she championed the cause of “Baby2Baby,” an organization dedicated to aiding children in need, by helping send essential supplies to the island.

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The Mahomes family’s connection to Maui runs deep, as they often find solace and joy during their vacations there. Patrick further solidified this bond through a charity golf tournament hosted in Maui under his foundation’s banner, generating substantial funds for meaningful causes.

Their commitment to Maui reflects their heartfelt attachment to the island and their steadfast dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of those they hold dear.


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