Brittany Mahomes opens up on mental health issues which have ‘gotten worse’

Brittany Mahomes has continued to be very open with her fans on social media and she has now discussed her mental health issues which she feels are getting worse.

During a recent Q&A on her Instagram page, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes discussed her childbirth experiences as the couple have two children.

The first birth went as expected but for their little boy, the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around his neck. Luckily it was quickly removed and does not seem to have done any lasting damage.

Continuing the personal nature of the Q&A, Mahomes was then asked by a fan if she has any issues with anxiety.

“I do (have anxiety). It has gotten worse as years go on,” she said. Part of the question asked how she copes with the issue and she responded by saying “Therapy!”.

Reasons behind her anxiety
As the Q&A session went on, she began to touch on some of the reasons for her growing anxiety. One of the main issues is that, given her husband’s career andreputation as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, she and her family do not get the sort of privacy that they may like.

They always have bodyguards with them almost everywhere they go and that can make it very hard to trust people. She pointed out how people often come up to the family when they are just trying to quietly enjoy themselves.

On a lighter note, Mahomes also pointed out that they have a big network of friends and family that keep them grounded and can make them feel like normal people.


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