Brittany Mahomes Q&A: ‘All hands on deck’ with two young kids at Super Bowl 57

Brittany Mahomes Q&A: ‘All hands on deck’ with two young kids at Super Bowl 57

The pressure is on Patrick Mahomes as the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback prepares to lead his team against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday in Super Bowl 57. Then there is the pressure on Mahomes’ wife, Brittany.

The week leading up to the big game, she has been in Arizona with the couple’s 11-week-old son, Bronze, and 23-month-old daughter, Sterling.

Talk about a Super Bowl-sized challenge.

“I do have help!” she said.

As the showdown between the Chiefs and Eagles approached, Brittany Mahomes, a 27-year-old mom, answered questions about the experience and a variety of other topics. (The following Q&A was conducted by email and lightly edited for clarity.)

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Question: What’s been the biggest challenge of having Sterling and Bronze with you at the Super Bowl? And how does it compare to having been eight months pregnant at the Super Bowl in 2021?

Brittany Mahomes Q&A: ‘All hands on deck’ with two young kids at Super Bowl 57

Answer: The biggest challenge was packing all their stuff and making sure we had everything we needed for them for a week. Two kids is a lot of luggage and so stressful, making sure you don’t forget anything. It’s totally different from the last Super Bowl we went to, but wouldn’t change it for the world. Way more responsibilities and thoughts going through my head. Making sure they are fed, taking their naps and adjusting to the time change! Having to plan ahead for things and always thinking ahead.

Q: What were the options? Did you and Patrick discuss the possibility that Bronze might be too young to travel, or that it might be too overwhelming for you to have an 11-week-old and a 2-year-old away from home?

A: We didn’t really discuss any other options. This is an amazing accomplishment for Patrick, and we knew we wanted both kids there to witness it and support their Dad! Overwhelming, maybe, but that’s pretty normal for our life in general! He wants his kiddos with him as much as they can be!


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Q: Do you have any help this week? If so, how are people pitching in?

A: I do have help! And you should never feel any shame in having help. I’m so grateful to have a team around me that is all hands on deck to help every step of the way, I could not do this without them.

Q: How much time have you and the kids been able to spend with Patrick? And what kind of impact do you see it having on him?

A: We have been able to spend most of the afternoons with him this week. I think it has made his days a little better ending it with his family, eating dinner and chilling with us. Making us feel a little more at home during this exciting time.


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Q: How have you and Patrick adapted to these life changes over the past few years?

A: We just figure it out as we go. Life is about adapting and we have loved every second of being parents! Life may have gotten a little busier and fewer naps have been taken, but it’s been amazing.

Q: if you’re not bottle-feeding Bronze, have you found enough privacy to feed him in comfort?

A: It can be tough to find privacy out in public. If I’m going to be out in public, I will usually pump before I leave the house and have breast milk ready in a bottle for him. Sometimes I will plan ahead to find a private area to feed him. Game days can be long and I usually have to pump at some point during the game using my portable pump.

Q: A lot of people were inspired by the video you posted of yourself on Instagram working out in the final weeks of your pregnancy with Sterling. Are you finding time to work out, and in any other ways, take care of your health and fitness?

A: I am working out and still taking care of myself. Once I got cleared from my doctor, I was back in the gym getting into my routine again! Health and fitness are still a big priority for me and I try to get in the gym as much as my schedule allows and still fuel my body with everything I need for myself and my kids.


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Q: Is there anything you’d like to share that would help explain what this week has been like for you or something that might resonate with other young mothers?

A: Planning ahead is key. Always think ahead, and asking for help is totally okay. My best advice to other moms is not to let anyone tell you what to do or how to be a parent to your kids. Live your life to the fullest and let your kids experience as much as they can with you.

Q: How involved have you remained with the Kansas City Current? (She and Patrick are co-owners of the Kansas City-based team in the National Women’s Soccer League.)

A: I was involved with the KC Current every step of the way through pregnancy and after. I didn’t really skip a beat because supporting these women is something that is so important to me. Being at the groundbreaking event in Kansas City with Sterling on my hip and Bronze in my belly is a day I will never forget.


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