Brittany & Patrick Mahomes PDA Is Worth Emulating “I Am In love”

It seems like everyone is at Coachella this year, from Vanessa Hudgens to Kendall Jenner. But this year, one of our favorite football families showed up in subtle, dark looks and took a bunch of PDA-filled pics. That’s right, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes went to Coachella this year and the two look so in love in the pics.

On April 16, during the first weekend of Coachella, Brittany posted a series of photos on her Instagram. She posted it with the caption, “Hello Coachella????✨.”

You can see the photos HERE.

In the first few photos, we see Brittany looking stunning in a sexy, all-black Coachella look, topped with glitter and pigtails. But the last photo is the absolute cutest because it’s a shot of her and Patrick enjoying the show at night. We see Patrick kissing the top of Brittany’s head as they pose for an adorable PDA snapshot.

Along with these snapshots, Brittany also posted a PDA selfie of the two on the same day on her Instagram story. In the photo, we see Patrick giving a cheek kiss to Brittany who’s blowing a kiss to the camera.


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