Camilla and Eugenie attack Kate Middleton and Meghan in shock public row

Camilla and Eugenie attack Kate and Meghan in shock public row


She may have been the picture of poise and elegance as she commenced her royal tour of Sweden and Norway alongside Prince William last week, but behind her smile, the Duchess of Cambridge had an altogether more worrying matter on her mind – her bitter rivalry with the Duchess of Cornwall. Things are getting nasty behind the scenes at the palace, as Camilla has raised the stakes in her feud against Kate, 36, and Meghan Markle – teaming up with Princess Eugenie in a war of the weddings.



Things came to a head at a recent visit to St George’s Chapel, where both Meghan and the recently engaged Princess Eugenie are planning on holding their weddings later this year.With Camilla in tow to help the 27-year-old go over plans for her wedding to Jack Brooksbank, the pair were horrified to bump into Kate and Meghan.



Meghan was given a nickname by her mother-in-law Camilla, hearing enough to make the Duchess ‘bloody angry’

While Kate and Meghan were, of course, very police and lovely, Camilla, 70, took the opportunity to really make her feelings known, telling 36-year-old Meghan that she really disapproves of her wedding to Harry overshadowing Eugenie’s. ‘When they came face-to-face, Camilla really let Meghan have it. She told her she thought it was atrocious she and Harry were ruining Eugenie’s wedding plans – that Harry should have known that Eugenie had always wanted to marry at St George’s chapel,’ says the insider.



Truth About Kate Middleton Battling Camilla Parker Bowles To Be Next Queen

It was confirmed last week that Eugenie has been forced to delay her wedding with the princess originally hoping to tie the knot in September, but settling for October.

Camilla – who is reported to be jealous of Kate and Meghan’s rising popularity – has also been causing tension among the royals, with sources saying that one of the scheming duchess’ more brazen plots involved trying to convince Kate that Meghan was trying to steal some of her staff.


Princess Eugenie's son August celebrated his first birthday with Meghan and Harry's kids

According to insiders, it was Camilla who was behind the reassignment of Amy Pickerill from Kate and Wills’ communications officer to Meghan’s first royal assistant.An insider tells, ‘It shows that Camilla will stop at nothing to cause trouble between Kate and Meghan.’


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