“Can’t Compare a Legend With a Champion”: Gymnastics World Baffled After Simone Biles Expresses Frustration Over Constantly Being Mistaken for Another US Gymnast

From a very young age, Simone Arianne Biles has worked hard and managed to cement her name in the history of the gymnastics world. Every gymnastics enthusiast, especially in the US, knows who Simone Biles is. After the efforts she has put in to create a name for herself, it is understandable why the gymnastics queen would be frustrated over being constantly mistaken for someone else. Simone Biles recently revealed that she has often been mistaken for the US gymnast, Gabby Douglas.

In the past, Biles has encountered a similar situation where a flight attendant mistook her for a kid. It is one thing for someone to misjudge your age, but it is a totally different thing for people to constantly mistake your identity. It looks like the gymnast has reached her saturation point in this matter. Her fans, too, were shocked when they learned about the situation.


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