“Cord Was Wrapped Around His Neck”: Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Reveals Unheard Details About Her Two Deliveries

Patrick Mahomes, the superstar quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs had two massive events to celebrate this year. One was when he won the Super Bowl title for the second time in five years, and the other one was the arrival of his second child.

The Mahomes household is a happy one as Brittany, Patrick’s high-school sweetheart and wife, constantly shows her fans how adorable and delightful her children are. The former professional soccer player constantly uploads sweet videos of her children. But this time, Mrs. Mahomes took precious time out of her busy schedule and answered some hot questions about her family and personal life on Instagram.

Brittany Mahomes provides detailed account of her deliveries
Fans always want to know more about their favorite QB’s life. They are especially keen to know about the star signal-caller’s little children. As a result, one fan inquired about Brittany’s labor/delivery experiences with Sterling and Bronze.

When Brittany was pregnant with Sterling, she got induced at 39 weeks and 4 days. She was in labor for twenty minutes. After that, a beautiful baby girl was born to her on February 20, 2021.

When Bronze was born, she wrote, “his cord was wrapped around his neck 2 times and thankfully didn’t effect anything and he was fine.”

Another fan complimented her and called her a great mom. To this, Brittany replied humbly. The mother of two always tries to show care for her children and her family.

Patrick Mahomes’ wife will do anything to keep her family’s privacy safe
The NFL power couple has been in the public eye right from the moment when Mahomes became the Chiefs QB. Hence, fans do their best to dig out every detail about them. However, sometimes it can become intrusive.

One fan asked Brittany if fans left them alone when they went to places like zoos. The fitness trainer simply replied, “Nope lol.”


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