Cowboys’ Micah Parsons is loving the Commanders spurning Lamar Jackson

Cowboys star Micah Parsons can’t believe the Commanders aren’t pursuing Lamar Jackson
A former first-round pick of the Cowboys who spent eight of his nine NFL seasons in Dallas, Marcus Spears still roots hard for his former club.

At this point, though, he wants the league to do right by Jackson, and the Commanders rolling with an unproven second-year quarterback in Howell and a vet journeyman in Brissett as its two gunslingers is franchise malpractice.

Parsons, meanwhile, speaks for all of Cowboys Nation in wanting Jackson nowhere near the NFC East. If it were up to Parsons, Jackson would stay in the AFC. Forget playing Jackson twice a year in-division. Avoiding him altogether in the playoffs until the Super Bowl would go down as a win for the Cowboys.

For whatever reason, Washington believes it has its franchise QB in Howell. Get a load of what Rivera had to say about why the team isn’t pursuing Jackson, but do so without laughing if you can.

“We think Sam is going to be a good football player. We really do,” Rivera said. “We were fortunate he fell to the fifth round because it was perceived to be a poor draft class. I don’t think it’s as a wild shot as people think it is.”


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