Dak Prescott surprises with a wedding: Has the Dallas Cowboys quarterback married?

Dak Prescott has been seen at a wedding but it was not his own. His brother Tad is the one who got married last week and images of the wedding have been shared on social media.

The quarterback has had a very complicated love life over the last few years and this means there is always lots of attention on who he may or may not be in a relationship with at any given time.

It is not currently clear whether he has got a girlfriend right now but he was recently in a relationship with Natalie Buffett. After they split, he has been linked to Jadyn Jannasch. Whether he is actually in a relationship with Jannasch or not remains a mystery.

Despite Prescott’s teammate in Dallas, Zeke Elliott, recently saying that it’s not true that the QB is seeing a new girl, that hasn’t stopped the rumors.

Jannasch is a star on the Louisiana State University swimming team, and is slowly becoming an influencer to watch on Instagram, where she has posted photos showcasing her great physique and has already garnered several thousand followers.

The wedding pictures showed that everyone was very sharply dressed for Tad’s wedding which Dak attended. The pictures do not give away whether he attended the wedding with a date.


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