Despite Having Same Wedding, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens Had Different Cakes-Here’s Why

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens the newlyweds had to make multiple decisions for their big day, just as any other wedding that is set to take place. The power couple while agreeing on most things for the wedding, did not agree on the wedding cake while planning their destination wedding in Cabo, Mexico. Owens insisted on an ice cream cake whereas Biles strongly put forth her wish for a red velvet cake. In the end, they finally went forward with two cakes for their destination wedding. Recently, Biles shared a thrilling update about these two cakes on Instagram.

Biles shared this update after posting a romantic video where the power couple can be seen rehearsing and cutting another cake. In her recent update, the gymnastics champion shared where the cakes were ordered from. She further gave her review and the guests’ perspective about the cakes. So which was the cake that the guests loved?
Simone Biles opens up on having two wedding cakes
In an earlier Instagram Story, Biles disclosed Owen’s choice of a traditional cake. The words ‘The Owens’ was engraved on the cake in icing. Talking about this cake, Biles admitted, “Everyone raved about it and it was from dairy queen lolz.” Dairy Queen is a popular American food brand, famous for its ice creams and cakes.
Later she complimented the other red velvet cake created by Nobu, calling it “delicious. “ This cake had the initials ‘S’ and ‘J’ as the cake’s topper and had 7 tiers. In a picture, white flower decorations can be seen around the cake. Near the cake, there was also a knife to slice the cake, on which the destination wedding date of 6th May 2023 was engraved.

Simone Biles discloses a marvelous incident at the destination wedding
The star gymnast narrated how whales began leaping out of the water when their wedding ceremony commenced. This was a rare phenomenon as the season of whales had already ended. Biles indicated that the whales leaped for two minutes. The star gymnast considered this highly auspicious and lucky. She further added that there was a full moon on her wedding day and expressed how this wedding night was amazing.
Biles’s admissions are proof of how her and Owens planning for the destination wedding was successful. Do you think seeing whales leaping during the wedding ceremony is lucky? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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