“Doesn’t Do Flips Around the House”: Simone Biles’ Sister Opens Up on Reality About Gymnastics GOAT That Fans Oversee

Simone Biles, widely regarded as the most magnificent gymnast in history with 32 Olympic and World Championship medals, is also renowned for being bubbly, open, and assertive. Adria Biles, her sister, also has similar traits and was a fellow gymnast and an aspiring dental hygienist.

The siblings had a tough childhood, as their mother was addicted to alcohol. So, they spent their initial years in foster care until their maternal grandparents adopted them. The two sisters became each other’s support system during that time. Adria defended Simone’s decision to withdraw from the Rio Olympics due to mental health issues. In a recent interview about her experience in ‘Claim to Fame’, she shares something sweet about the gymnastics gem.

Media attention and interviews have become a part of the celebrity siblings’ lives. Adria Biles, a.k. a Louis on ‘Claim to Fame’ is Simone’s favorite sibling. They have grabbed attention for their similar looks. However, Adria is a few inches taller.

Biles is the seventh participant to exit the series that puts relatives of celebrities under one roof in a house filled with clues about their well-known family. In an interview about her experience in the show, she was asked “What was it like growing up the sister of Simone Biles?”. Without much thinking, she answered spontaneously.

Adria answered, “I think when people ask this question they don’t realize she is completely normal.” She also added mockingly, “She doesn’t do flips around the house.” She emphasized that Simone is as sweet and troublesome as any other sister, and they share a typical sibling relationship when she said, “We still fight sometimes and I steal her clothes. We are like best friends.”

Sibling relationship with Simone Biles
Simone Biles is a unique combination of strength and flexibility. Her words exude tremendous power and rigidity, converse to her flexibility on the mat. Similarly, Simone, a world-level sensation, is just a regular young girl her age to her family and siblings despite her magnificent achievements.

They learned gymnastics at a young age. The pictures of the two together are such a sight to see. They share a great bond despite the complications inherent in a sibling relationship where one outshines the other.


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