“Don’t Come on My Page”: Victim of Homophobic Users, Simone Biles’ Sister Who Is Dating Female Softball Player Sends Out a Strong Message

From the continuous battles of clinching equal rights to the constant fight for breaking cultural stereotypes, the LGBTQ+ community came a long way. However, there still are a multitude of obstacles that need to be traversed. Number one is homophobia. Along similar lines, ace gymnast, Simone Biles’ younger sister Adria Biles recently fell prey to rather condescending comments by a homophobic netizen.

Adria Biles recently took to her social media to voice her silence regarding homophobia. As she fell victim to negative comments, the 24-year-old called out to the hater and expressed her strong disregard for the same.

The 24-year-old took to her Instagram story to share a snapshot of a series of hate comments that an anonymous user left on her Instagram handle. Under one picture, the hater wrote, “What went wrong with you adria? Are you gay? Who led you down this road? Get your d*mn mind right!”, while in another he commented, “She need to shake this gay shit off? Get your d*mn mind right adria”.

Likewise, a hoard full of more such comments brimmed Adria Biles’ Instagram. Following this, the 24-year-old quipped “I love me a hater” and added two laughing emojis. Warning the netizen about the misbehavior, Biles then added, “bro forreal please do not come on my page with this. I will block/and or cuss you out depending on my mood”. More so, behind the wall of anonymity, the user almost commented on every post where Adria Biles posed for the lens with her girlfriend Janae Jefferson, a softball player.

Last year in September, the 24-year-old conducted an impromptu Q&A session on Instagram. In the Q&A box, a fan mentioned his intrigue and asked, “What was it like coming out to your parents?”. In response to this, she stated, “When I did, everyone said, ‘they knew’”. She further added, “They were super supportive I love them”.

Nonetheless, last year, when the gymnast’s sister appeared in the reality show, “Claim to Fame”, many contemplated that she was dating Logan Crosby, her fellow participant from the show. However, later, she posted a picture of herself with Janae Jefferson and debunked the rumors about her sexuality.

The topic of LGBTQ+ inclusion and diversity now often pops up in the sporting universe in a back-and-forth manner. Though the debates surrounding these topics are still running in a grey area, do you think it is viable to scrutinize anyone based on their gender orientation?


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