“Everyone Said, They Knew”: Simone Biles’ Sister Reveals Family’s Reaction After She Came Out About Her Sexuality

With 32 Olympic and World Championship medals, Simone Biles is commonly considered the greatest gymnast in history. People have seen her confidence while she performed on the mat. In addition, her traits have seemed to pass on to her little sister. Simone’s younger sister, Adria Biles, has an incredible talent for gymnastics like her.

However, Simone is all set to wed the NFL player Jonathan Owens regarding their love life. Meanwhile, Adria found the courage to speak up to her parents, Ronald and Nellie Biles, about her sexuality.

Recently, during an Instagram Q&A, Simone’s little sister replied to a person asking, “What was it like coming out to your parents?” In the reply, she revealed how her parents reacted after knowing. She said, “When I did, everyone said, “they knew.” She also added, “They were super supportive I love them.”

After she appeared on the show, there were several rumors that she was dating Logan from the show. However, a few days ago, she posted a picture of herself with her girlfriend, Janae Jefferson. On the Q and A one, the user questioned her if she’s Bisexual or Lesbian; there, she wrote she is hundred percent Lesbian.

However, as the public discovered that she was Simone’s little sister, they went crazy on Twitter. Their comparable appearances have also drawn attention because Adria is a couple of inches taller than her sister. Meanwhile, the sisters shared an incredible bond while living in foster homes.


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