Fans Go Berserk Over 2X Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes Enjoying an Awful Ceremonial Pitch by Teammate Travis Kelce at a Cleveland Guardians Gam

Ceremonial pitches have now become a long-lasting tradition in baseball. It commemorates the start of a game and is highly anticipated since the person who throws it is either a pro athlete, a celebrity, or an extraordinary individual. The pitch thrown can go only two ways. If, by any chance, the pitch throw goes terribly; the person throwing becomes a huge target of mockery from baseball fans. And with the season back in motion, ceremonial pitches are also back. With it, the season of ceremonial pitches going wrong is also back. Also, it has already claimed its first victim and has given the two times Superbowl champ, Patrick Mahomes, a reason to laugh.

Chiefs quarterback became one of the countless baseball and football fans in roasting the Superbowl champ for this terrible throw. He could not help himself as he reacted with, “Ayyyyyy bruhhhhhhhh,” followed by many emoticons of faces with tears of laughter.



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