Gymnastics GOAT Simone Biles’s Hilarious Flight Attendant Incident in 2023

Being a world-famous gymnast hasn’t prevented Simone Biles from experiencing embarrassing, ordinary moments. Beyond her achievements and accolades, the athlete has a life that is just as ordinary as the next fellow. Standing at just 4’8″, Biles has often run into unexpectedly hilarious situations due to her height. Therefore, when she faced an awkward interaction with a flight attendant, hilarity ensued.

In 7th July 2022, Biles received the Presidential Medal of Honor. Shortly after, in a twist of events, the gymnast had to face an embarrassing situation while returning from Washington. Let’s take a look at what conspired.

Simone Biles shares an embarrassing moment with a flight attendant
Being the most decorated athlete of all time doesn’t save one from embarrassment. When Biles boarded the plane to go back home, she did not expect an awkward interaction with the flight crew. While most recognize the Olympian for her contributions to the US Gymnastics team, the flight attendant didn’t seem to get the memo and mistook Simone Biles for a child.
The star updated fans on the situation with an Instagram story. With a tired-looking face, she wrote about the incident in her caption, “not the flight attendant trying to give me a coloring book when I board…” Biles clarified that she didn’t need one since she was, in fact, 25 years old. But what fired up such a conversation was based on a silly presumption made by the flight attendant.

Why did the attendant offer Biles a coloring book in the first place?
The embarrassment and hilarity set aside, one might wonder why the attendant offered Biles a coloring book for her in-flight entertainment. The answer is her short stature. Unfortunately for her, the attendant not only failed to recognize her but she also misjudged Biles’s age. Nevertheless, the confusion cleared up, even though it left some awkwardness in the air.

Simone Biles handled the situation well
For someone who has had a short height all her life, Biles did not take offense to the incident. In fact, she found it hilarious, albeit a little surprising, that she was mistaken for a child. After uploading the story, Biles even updated her fans on a follow-up incident, that seemed to make it up for all the confusion and embarrassment.


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