Have A Look At NFL Legend Patrick Mahomes’s Car Collection

Patrick Mahomes, in full Patrick Lavon Mahomes II is an American football quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. In 2897 passing attempts, he has achieved 1922 passing completions with a passer rating of 105.6. Considering his awards like NFL Most Valuable Player in 2018, Super Bowl Champion, and Super Bowl MVP, as well as some of the exciting career highlights and awards he has won, Currently, Patrick Mahomes’ net worth stands at $40 million.

Patrick Mahomes first participated in quarterbacking at Whitehouse High School, where he also played baseball and basketball. He saw his first career action against Oklahoma State after Web left the game with an injury, completing two of five passes for 20 yards, one touchdown, and an interception.

In 2017, he first joined the NFL and signed a four-year deal with KCC that was worth a total of $16.2 million. On July 6, 2020, it was reported that Patrick had signed a 10-year extension worth $450 million, which was actually revealed as $503 million.

Patrick Mahomes is a team member of the Kansas City Chiefs, and the team won Super Bowl LVII for the second time in four years, beating the Philadelphia Eagles.

Though he does not own a huge fleet of vehicles, most of them are worth reading about. For that matter, he owns the fastest road-legal Ferrari, the 812 Superfast. In addition, he owns a Korean luxury car, the Genesis G70 Luxury Sedan, which he got at an event. He also owns an Infiniti Q60 sedan and a Rolls Royce Cullinan.

He is not the only NFL superstar with a car collection. Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Rob Gronkowski are some other famous NFL players with car collections.

What kind of car does Mahomes drive?
Patrick Mahomes owns many different cars and drives them all. However, his prized possession has to be the 2020 Ferrari 812 Superfast, owing to its unmatched performance and price. He bought it immediately after his contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs. Recently, the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl 2023 as Patrick Mahomes refused to give up despite his ankle sprain.

What does Patrick Mahomes do with his money?
Besides buying expensive cars and properties, Patrick Mahomes invests in different industries according to his understanding. He invested in Whoop, a smart wearables brand, in 2020, and the company was later valued at $3.6 billion.

How much money does Patrick Mahomes make a year in endorsements?
Patrick Mahomes does multiple brand endorsements for different brands like BioSteel, Adidas, Oakley, Head & Shoulders, State Farm, Bose, DirecTV, and more. He is estimated to earn $7 million from his brand endorsements. He is also estiamted to have a net worth of $40 million.


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