“He Can Throw From Any Platform”: Most Valuable Patrick Mahomes Jubilation Moment Amplifies Ahead of April 27 Countdown

The 2023 NFL is just a few days away and the fans are eagerly waiting to see what goes on in Kansas City this year. All the teams would look to strengthen their roster and invest in the future when D-Day finally arrives. But before looking into the future, here is a blast from the past. The moment when the NFL world got its future MVP Patrick Mahomes has gone viral ahead of the April 27 countdown.

Mahomes has established himself as one of the best QBs in the league in his short career so far. Although he has proved himself for the Kansas City Chiefs, there were some doubts when the franchise went ahead and drafted him. Here is a look at that very moment.

The year was 2017. The NFL draft class boasted of many future big names that year. Nine picks had gone in the first round of the NFL draft, and now it was the turn of the Chiefs to take a pick. They placed their bet on an unconventional QB who became a future superstar with the franchise. That name was Patrick Mahomes.

“He can throw from any platform, any place on the field with accuracy,” the commentators said that day in a video that is now going viral again on social media.

Although nobody denied the talent the then-Texas Tech QB possessed, there were a few doubts. Many thought that Mahomes doesn’t win inside the pocket and needed to be outside of the offense to thrive. And he proved everyone wrong so many times since then.

Mahomes has won everything he could with the Chiefs since becoming a starter for the franchise in 2018. He already has two Super Bowl titles to his name. Could any team hit a jackpot this year as the Chiefs did six years ago?

The 2023 QB draft class also has some big names that will surely tickle the fancy of many teams who yearn for their own Patrick Mahomes. The biggest names among them are Will Levis, CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson, and Brice Young. All these QBs are projected to go in the first round itself.

The Carolina Panthers hold the first pick in the draft and they surely need a QB. But who will they take? Young’s name is floating around as a potential pick no. one. But many experts have pointed out his height as his weakness. Meanwhile, Levis is a big, strong-armed QB who could be a great fit for the Panthers’ offense. Stroud has shown a lot of potential at Ohio State, and Richardson is a dual-threat QB who could add a new dimension to any team’s offense. It’s anyone’s guess who the Panthers will pick, but it’s clear that they have a lot of options.


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