Holly Sonders heats up social media with racy posts, looking to be the new Paige Spiranac?

Holly Sonders heats up social media with racy posts, looking to be the new Paige Spiranac?

The success that Paige Spiranac has had as the number one golf influencer has motivated her to now have more competition than ever before, with new figures emerging who, like her, stand out for their physique and knowledge of the sport, which they demonstrate in their constant social media posts.

Paige is by far the most famous and followed of a group of influencers who have been making waves in recent months. Among Spiranac’s competition are Claire Hogle, Hailey Rae Ostrom and Waiyi Chan, to which is added the current partner of legendary boxer Oscar de la Hoya, Holly Sonders.

Holly recently uploaded a brief video on her Twitter account that, at the time, had more than 350K views. In it, Sonders shows, without saying a word, how to make a swing for those who are left-handed. Comments were not long in coming from her followers, several of whom complained that the video appears as if it were for right-handed people.

Holly had to clarify that the video is reversed, but that she filmed it doing a reversed swing. Nevertheless, Sonders continues to make headlines.

For several years she was a professional golfer, participating in several tournaments until a knee injury forced her to retire. She is also a sports journalist and worked for FOX many years, which is why she also often posts on her social media about other sports, although golf and boxing are her main ones.

Her real name is Holly Niederkoh, she is 36 years old, born on March 3, 1987, in Marysville, Ohio, and has more than 685K followers on Instagram. Although they are still few compared to Paige’s (who has 3.7 million), she has gradually become another fan favorite, who in addition to enjoying her spectacular physique, also finds lessons to improve their game on the green.


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