“I Gotta Show The Support”: Patrick Mahomes Has an Unapologetic Response to The Lombardi Trophy Incident at the Chiefs Super Bowl Parade

Kansas City Chiefs went on to hit it big while being led to the Super Bowl win with their lead quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Along with his team, Mahomes went on to overcome a good amount of adversity to bring home a championship win. The Chiefs were able to pull off this amazing feat twice in less than 5 years. Furthermore, the team went on to celebrate the win with pomp and show. The whole of Kansas City showed up to showcase their support for the team. Interestingly, this brought on a strange interaction that involved Mahomes and the Lombardi trophy.

Mahomes recently appeared on the live version of the Travis and Jason Kelce podcast, ‘New Heights’. As he appeared in front of the crowd with his old teammate, Chad Henne, he spoke about the funny incident that involved the prized Lombardi Trophy.


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