“I Made Enough Money”: Fans Revisit Patrick Mahomes Life Time Settlement to Kansas City Chiefs Management Amid $52M Barrier

Patrick Mahomes has become the star of Kansas City Chiefs. He has brought on 2 Super Bowls to Kansas City and has earned almost half a billion dollars doing it. With one of the biggest contracts in the NFL, the QB has proven his worth. Recently, there have been shifts in the NFL in terms of contracts. With players like Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson, Mahomes’ contract has slowly dropped in ranking. However, there might be a chance that the Mahomes’ pay might climb back up to the top.

Even recently, he had spoken about the kind of things he looked forward to in terms of his career apart from just money. He had said, “I mean, money is one thing, but when you get those Super Bowl rings into your career I think that’s really the thing that that you look back upon and think about. I’ve made enough money from the football field and obviously offer that as well that it won’t matter at the end.”

Therefore, after such words, it came as a shock to fans that the Chiefs might be going forward in terms of his contract to ensure that he might get paid even more. As this news went viral, fans took to Twitter to talk about this and showcase their reactions.

Fans go crazy over new Mahomes’ expected news
After Mahomes had declared in the past that he doesn’t care about money, fans were surprised by the fact that Mahomes might become one of the highest-paid players in the NFL. One fan spoke about how the Chiefs might have made a bad decision.

After getting paid by the Ravens, Lamar Jackson has become one of the highest-paid QBs, inching close to Mahomes’ contract. However, as per some official sources, the Chiefs might be able to top off the hefty $52 million contract that Jackson is getting. The question here remains, Does Mahomes actually want such a huge contract?

Multiple times in the past, Mahomes has taken to public sources to express that he doesn’t care much for the money he is earning from football. The bigger concern for him has always been the kind of team that will be around him.


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