“I play with emotion. I like to go out there & have fun with my teammates.” Patrick Mahomes Said

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football, and Patrick Mahomes added insult to injury with a reminder of what might have been.
The Kansas City Chiefs have finally made their way into the national spotlight once again, with the defense playing at a level unmatched by any other team in the NFL right now and the offense starting to operate with surgical precision.

With all the hype surrounding the team, it was clear that the world was going to be watching when K.C. took on the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football.

When the world is watching and the high end NBC crew and cameras are all around, not much goes under the radar, especially when it comes to the reigning MVP in Patrick Mahomes.

After tossing a laser of a pass to Kelce for a touchdown and putting the Chiefs up 17-0, Patrick Mahomes walked back to the sideline with teammates while doing what most fans originally thought was simply shaking out his hand. This made sense with Mahomes banged up his hand a couple weeks ago at Foxborough.

Upon further review and with a better camera angle, it turns out he was doing so much more.

While walking off the field, Mahomes very deliberately counted to ten on his hands. According to Collinsworth (the voice in the video) on the broadcast, this was Mahomes reminding not just the Bears that they passed him up, but the other eight organizations that picked before the Chiefs traded up to that 10th pick.

The storylines leading up to this game were largely about “what could have been” for the Bears. Was this what Mahomes meant? According to the quarterback, no.

“Honestly, I was just out there having fun. Me & my teammates had a big score before the half & I was just trying to enjoy it. You see me play. I play with emotion. I like to go out there & have fun with my teammates.”

Regardless, this still stands as an ice cold way to celebrate an impressive offensive performance for MVPat. Maybe that bitterness was just the edge QB1 needed.

Frank Clark on Patrick Mahomes’ swagger: “I like QB1 showing a little bit of an edge to him. QB1 got some edge. I’m glad he showed it. He showed them that 10-piece tonight.”


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