“I Suck at Social Media Nowadays”: Patrick Mahomes’ Free Spirited Partner Brittany Mahomes Makes Shocking Revelations

Brittany Mahomes has always been an avid user of social media. Fans love the glimpses of the Mahomes family life they get from Brittany. But they aren’t getting the updates from her as frequently as they used to. Patrick Mahomes‘ partner has disclosed her changed state of mind when it comes to her online presence.

Much has changed since the fans first got introduced to Brittany as the partner of the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. She has ventured into the world of soccer and bought her own NWSL outfit to promote the game she loves while also expanding her family. It is only natural that her online presence changes a bit to reflect the changed stage of her life.

Brittany Mahomes has disclosed that she doesn’t have the desire to post on social media anymore. During a Q&A session with the fans on Instagram, a fan complimented her for doing it as they always enjoy a glimpse into her life. That is when Patrick Mahomes’ wife dropped the bombshell.

“Should I do this more often? I suck at social media nowadays, nor do I have a desire to post much. But it is fun,” Brittany wrote in an Instagram story.

The fans settled the matter in no time. Brittany posted a poll asking the fans if the Q&A should be more frequent or if is it boring. And more than 99 percent of the fans who voted, said they would want the Chiefs QB’s wife to do such sessions more often.

While fans sometimes criticize her for her social media posts regarding the game when Patrick Mahomes is active during the season, Brittany is a very popular figure in the NFL world. And they won’t want her to go away from social media.

A behind-the-scenes window into Patrick Mahomes’ life
Brittany Mahomes’ social media is like a behind-the-scenes window into the life of Patrick Mahomes and the entire family. From the couple’s marriage to their kid’s gender reveal, Brittany has always kept the fans in the loop. And they love her for that. Brittany is especially active during the NFL season, giving her opinion on her husband’s games. Apart from that, her social media is also a window for the fans to catch up on the latest happenings at the Kansas City Current, the women’s soccer outfit that she owns.

Hopefully, she listens to the fans and continues to be active on social media. The NFL world won’t want to give up their window into the life of their favorite NFL family. What do you think of Brittany’s revelation about social media? Do you think she should take a break or should she keep posting like she used to? Let us know in the comments.


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