“I TOOK Brittany mahomes VIRGINITY”

“I TOOK Brittany mahomes VIRGINITY”

Brittany Matthews is a former female athlete and a well-known fitness trainer, who was welcomed in Texas.

Unfortunately, very few people heard about her as a pro athlete in the US due to the fact that she played for the Icelandic soccer team. And even though she enjoyed this kind of sport at high school a lot, she decided it would be better to leave it in college, as it used to take a lot of time and she wanted to focus on classes.

Having quit sports, she started developing a training business in the physical fitness world and quickly achieved unbelievable success. She established her own company that helps people both online and offline. For instance, she trains many well-known celebrities, features videos of her workout routines on social media, where she now has half a million followers. Finally, she sells her courses for very reasonable prices.

And here is your favorite part- interesting facts about the athlete:


  • Brittany is a real pet lover. She has two cute pit bulls named Steel and Silver. She loves them so much that she even created an Instagram page for them and it already accounts around 150.000 followers.
  • Matthews has a Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology that she studied at Tyler.
  • The celebrity has an older brother who is a navy sailor. He has a very warm and trustworthy relationship with a stellar sister.
  • She has been in a romantic relationship with Patrick Mahomes since 2012 but GOT MARRIED  to her childhood sweetheart  patrick mahomes on 12 March 2022 .
  • She is a big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and doesn’t miss a game, supporting the team.
  • her total Boyfriends is one ,and has only been married once, inconclusion it can be said that  patrick mahomes was the one that took the 24 years  Brittany Matthews VIRGINITY.we  sincerely wishes them a happy married life


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