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If someone were to have asked me about my ideal woman, I wouldn’t have had the words to describe you. You have surpassed all expectations, fantasies, and dreams combined.” Travis Kelce’s Heart-Melting words about Taylor Swift

It’s a love story that people just want to say yes to: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce — who have been rumored to be dating since September — are inspiring people to step up their own dating expectations.

While no one knows what their very viral and public relationship is like behind closed doors, many fans — who have parasocial relationships with Swift — are rooting for her happiness. Kelce, it seems, is the fairy tale match they hoped she would find.

He’s on the sidelines of her Eras Tour show with Swift’s dad, singing along to “Blank Space” and grinning when Swift changes the lyrics to “Karma” to refer to him.

He catches her in his arms when she runs to give him a kiss at her show. He praises her on his podcast. Even before the two were romantically linked, Kelce was a fan with a friendship bracelet and a dream.

Seeing how Kelce has publicly supported and praised Swift has elevated many people’s own expectations for what they seek in romantic partnerships. Some online say they are making changes in how they approach dating.

“I definitely was dating the worst of the worst of the worst of men, and I thought it was normal. I was begging for phone calls, for just any form of communication,” said Martha Mary Santos, 26, of Mandeville, Louisiana, who made a TikTok video reacting to Swift and Kelce. “When I saw the way Travis treats Taylor, it was a massive wake-up call for me.”

Kelce seems to appreciate Swift for exactly who she is, Carr said. Instead of trying to woo her solely with grand but generic gestures, he leans into simple behaviors meant to make his partner feel seen: making her a friendship bracelet, speaking highly of her on his podcast, holding up a “We Will Stay” sign during her performance of “The Archer.”



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