‘I’m Coming for Your Crown’ – Alexis Ohanian Targets Serena Williams’ Best Friend Kim Kardashian in a Sassy Dig at a Media House Over His Armenian Celebrity Status

Alexis Ohanian is one of America’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs. However, since 2017, Ohanian has become a much-talked-about figure in the tennis world as well, owing to his marriage to tennis legend Serena Williams. From time to time, the global media also tends to focus on Ohanian’s Armenian roots, even though Ohanian was born and raised in the US. This is something that American socialite Kim Kardashian also has to face occasionally.

Recently, Ohanian chanced on an article titled ‘Alexis Ohanian’s Nationality and Religion: How Did He Become the Fourth Most Famous Armenian Celebrity’. He tweeted about the same and judging by the tone of his tweets, he seemed quite amused by it.

On Twitter, Ohanian simply couldn’t hide his amusement at the article’s title and shared a screenshot. He also asked, “but why even write this article?”

In response, Kim-Mai Cutler, who is a well-known figure in the American business world, wrote, “Now you need to put in “4th most famous Armenian” into your bio.” Ohanian replied, “This is the way. @KimKardashian I’m coming for your crown!!”

It was a light-hearted moment, as Ohanian referred to Kardashian as the most famous Armenian celebrity. He also poked some cheeky fun at the absurdly titled article, along with the media house that published it. In reality, while both Ohanian and Kardashian have Armenian ancestry, they are both American citizens.


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