“I’m Sorry. I’m Tryna Be Better”: Overwhelmed by Love, Simone Biles Makes an Honest Confession to Gymnastics Fans

That Simone Biles is a fan favorite, is common knowledge among all. The gymnastics legend is loved by her legion of fans, and they follow her every move. Biles earned some other-worldly prominence after the Rio Olympics, where she won 4 gold medals. She became a global sensation and her fans expected the same at Tokyo Olympics 2020. When she couldn’t live up to the expectations, several controversies came her way. Amidst all of these, her fans have always been by her side, as is the one who simply wishes her to be the way she is. Here’s how Biles responded

Simone Biles is currently busy doing preparations for her wedding to NFL star Jonathan Owens. The 4-time Olympic gold medalist announced her engagement on February 15, 2023. To top off her current bliss, a fan has now made her day by sending her a sweet message. Biles was overwhelmed by the love she received.

Just like many celebrities do, Simone Biles started a “Ask me anything” session on her Instagram, answers of which she would post in her Instagram story. One fan asked her, or rather told her, “No questions just happy for you”. Among a slew of questions asking her about her personal life, Biles found this remark from a fan particularly overwhelming.


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