Incredible!! Simone Biles Nearly Got Stabbed By….

Ace Gymnast Simone Biles is a staunch proponent of mental health and other cognitive challenges. She never shies away from getting upfront about the importance of one’s mental well-being and its effects on others in proximity. Likewise, she once recalled how her classmate’s behavioral issues nearly proved fatal for her and turned out to be an absolute nightmare.

In her memoir, Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance, the gymnast thoroughly described her childhood episode when she fell victim to her fellow classmate’s vexing habit. Interestingly, she also pulled off the curtains from the cognitive challenges other students faced at her school.

her autobiography, Biles shared her experience of attending a private school. As per the gymnast, a lot of kids at the school either “had learning challenges or behavior issues”. When she was in eighth grade, Biles used to sit next to her fellow classmate, who had a habit of digging his pencil into his arm whenever he scored less than ninety percent.

More so, once her classmate scored eighty percent on the test and thus tried to drag the pencil into his arm. But before that, Biles intervened and grabbed the pencil away. Following this, the classmate became furious and pulled a pocket knife from his bag and tried to stab the gymnast. However, she jumped up from her seat and ran out of the classroom.


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