“IT WILL NEVER OBEY THIS” Prince Harry ‘rebelled’ against long-standing deal Royal Family agree with over


PRINCE Harry was “less comfortable” with the unspoken arrangement the Royal Family has long had with the British press than his brother Prince William, according to royal expert Camilla Tominey.



The BBC aired the first episode of a two-part documentary titled The Princes and The Press last Monday despite criticism from the Royal Family about not being allowed to screen the film beforehand. The programme detailed the strained relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William and the British media. The host, Amol Rajan, stated: “One prince is choosing to play the game, the other is trying to change the rules of the game.”



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Royal expert Camilla Tominey spoke about the “arrangement” on Royal Insights. Ms Tominey said: “I think that both of the boys have always seen the press as a necessary evil.”However, when we talk about playing games, we know that Harry was less comfortable with the arrangements than William was.



“We saw this particularly when Meghan came on the scene and he actually got Jason Knauf, then Communications Secretary to release this quite unprecedented statement where he did refer to it as a game that he and Megan weren’t willing to participate in.
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“So there’s always been this degree to which Harry has rebelled against this idea of playing ball with the media you know, you scratch their backs, they’ll scratch yours.”



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She added: “Prince William has had angry encounters with the media in the past complaining vociferously, for instance, when a younger Kate Middleton was besieged by paparazzi as she walked to her London home, so he’s no fan of underhand tactics.



“Having said that, unlike Prince Harry, who tends to consume a lot of his news on his phone, and even once admitted to reading the comments beneath stories, William will read the newspapers in their kind of paper format and takes quite an interest in current and global affairs.
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“You could say that perhaps he’s got a different perspective of the media than Harry has.”In the past. We’ve seen William absolutely lose his temper over intrusion. A classic example is when Kate was photographed topless in the south of France on holiday.



"IT WILL NEVER OBEY THIS" Prince Harry 'rebelled' against long-standing deal Royal Family agree with over

“So we have had those sorts of tosses in the past, but they have abated in recent years. “Probably because the pepper apps the interest has abated. So that in turn has kind of solved the problem, I think, for the Cambridges.

“For Harry and Megan, their complaint isn’t just about intrusion.



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