How much does Joyce Meyer get paid?

Joyce Meyer


Pauline Joyce Meyer is an American preacher, author, and motivational speaker. She has dedicated her life to inspiring people worldwide with teachings about God’s love. Her sermons are aired live on TV, but you can also listen to them on the radio or watch her talks in live conferences. Her content is also available on various digital platforms and her ministry’s website. She also has an active app where followers can seek daily motivation. With all these titles and businesses under her name, Joyce Meyer net worth is quite impressive.



Joyce MeyerKnown for her charisma when preaching, Joyce Meyer is a household name. Chances are you may have listened to one or two sermons from her at some point in time.There’s been a lot of contention lately about whether evangelists are in ministry for the calling or the money. Perhaps this thought could be attributed to the extravagant lives led by these pastors, and Joyce Meyer is no different.



She has severally mentioned that there’s no need for apologizing to anyone for being blessed. Joyce lives a comfortable life, and this can be attributed to her designer clothes and expensive jewellery. She even has a full-time hairdresser on her payroll. While speaking to St. Louis Post-Dispatch, she echoes that she sees no reason to live a simple life.



Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer owns a $10-million private Gulfstream IV jet with room for two pilots and nineteen passengers. The jet has a cruising speed of Mach 0.85. Similarly, she has a 2002 Lexus SC sports car with a retractable top valued at $53,000.


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