Kaley Cuoco And James Gunn Speak Up For Pete Davidson Amidst Kanye West Music Video Controversy


Pete’s friends are coming to his defense.Kim Kardashian may have been declared legally single during a recent court appearance regarding her divorce with Kanye West, but the tension has only continued to grow. Among the most recent developments is the video Ye released for his song “Eazy,” which shows an animated scene where a clay version of the rapper kidnaps Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson and buries him up to his neck. The video has, unsurprisingly, caused some controversy, and some of the Saturday Night Live comedian’s friends are speaking up in his defense.



In the video for “Eazy” — the song in which Kanye West raps that “God saved me from that crash just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass” — an animated clay version of Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband puts a bag over a Davidson look-alike figure’s head and kidnaps him before burying him and planting roses to grow out of his head. James Gunn, who directed Davidson in The Suicide Squad, tweeted some kind words about the SNL comedian following the video’s release, though without directly mentioning the clip.



Kaley Cuoco enjoys a smoke break while scrolling through her phone on the Los Angeles set of the second season of The Flight Attendant

Kim Kardashian seemed to agree with the filmmaker’s sentiments, as she “liked” James Gunn’s tweet. She wasn’t the only one either. Pete Davidson’s Meet Cute co-star Kaley Cuoco commented on an Instagram post that documented Kardashian’s “like” of the tweet.



he “Eazy” video has caused strong reactions on both sides of the issue, with some defending Kanye West’s creation as art. However, there’s a lot of backlash saying the video is the latest offense in what has been an ongoing pattern of harassment from Ye. One of Pete Davidson’s friends called the video really scary, especially considering that even before its release, the situation with Ye had been causing Davidson and his family security issues. Kind words from James Gunn won’t exactly reverse that potential danger, either.

Kim Kardashian unfollowed Kanye West amidst his multiple Instagram posts calling out Pete Davidson, and said in court documents that Ye’s posts were causing “emotional distress.” Among the rapper’s social media posts were a Photoshopped movie poster declaring “Civil War” on Davidson, as well as screenshots of messages from both Kardashian and her boyfriend, seemingly trying to diffuse the situation before it went further.



Kaley Cuoco shares bittersweet news about future of The Flight attendantMultiple celebs have spoken kind words about Pete Davidson recently since he started dating Kim Kardashian. Chris Rock, a longtime friend of Ye who was on Saturday Night Live the night that Kardashian was the guest host, called both members of the couple “lovely people” on a recent podcast. Ben Stiller also called Davidson “incredibly sweet,” raving about his charisma, and even Bill Murray gave the comedian his stamp of approval.

It’s nice to see the support that Pete Davidson has, and while this divorce hasn’t been easy on Kanye West or Kim Kardashian, my hopes are that all parties involved will stay safe and make the best decisions for themselves and their families.




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