Kate Middleton Flaunts Her Valentine’s Day Outfit Over The Years

Kate Middleton Flaunts Her Valentine's Day Outfit Over The Years


Royal Family: Kate Middleton and Prince William’s very unusual first Valentine’s Day as a married couple they spent 8,000 miles apart. Not the traditional way to spend your first Valentine’s Day. This year William and Kate will celebrate their 11th Valentine’s Day together as a married couple. Who knows what the couple have in store this year but chances are it’s something romantic.



It’s not always been romantic and roses for the couple though as back in 2012 the couple were forced to spend the day apart after William was deployed to the Falkland Islands for six weeks in his role as a RAF search and rescue pilot.



Kate Middleton and Prince William's very unusual first Valentine

Since William was working 8,000 miles away, Kate attended a solo commitment in Liverpool where she greeted royal fans. Despite William’s commitments meaning they couldn’t be together William still made sure to send his new wife a card and some flowers to commemorate the day.



Kate Middleton and Prince William's very unusual first Valentine's Day as a married couple they spent 8,000 miles apart

The Duchess confirmed this when one little boy told Kate that he was sorry that William couldn’t be with her on Valentine’s Day, Kate told him: “Do you know where he is, Jaqson? “He’s in the Falklands but he’s sent me a card this morning.”



Kate Middleton news

Jaqson’s mother also revealed at the time that the Duchess said she received a bouquet of flowers from her husband as well as a card. William returned home from the Falkland Islands on 21 March, 2012 before returning to his duties in the UK.
While the couple haven’t always been as affectionate as Prince Harry and Megan, it’s been said that William is quite the romantic behind closed doors.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, royal expert Katie Nicholl said: “I don’t know if he’d admit to it but deep down William’s a bit of a romantic.”He’ll make sure Kate’s made to feel special on Valentine’s Day.”


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