Kate Middleton Reveals the Farm Chore Prince George Does on School Breaks

Prince George


The 8-year-old royal has also apparently been practicing his “rugby tackling” on his mom.
ate Middleton and Prince William’s eldest son may be destined to one day take the British throne, but the royal couple is making sure to instill some serious work ethic in Prince George before that happens.



The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge traveled to Wales on Tuesday to commemorate St. David’s Day, in honor of the country’s patron saint. For their first stop on the trip, the pair visited a local goat farm that has produced milk and cheese for the surrounding community for almost 20 years.


George and Charlotte

As the farm’s owners Gary and Jess Yeomans showed them around the property, Prince William inquired about a robot silage sweeper housed in one of their barns. Gary explained that they used it to move feed, to which Kate replied, “That was George’s job at half term—moving feed.”



William added that they’re currently testing out agroforestry on their own property, planting crops between rows of trees as the forest helps produce healthier soil and higher yields, as well as providing a home for wildlife. And the Duchess added that she actually recently discovered that she is the descendent of goat farmers.

prince william and family


“I was looking into my ancestry and there was someone who was a rare breed goat farmer,” she explained. “I will have to find out which one it was. It was just after the First World War.” Over the weekend, George also joined his parents at the England vs. Wales Six Nations game at Twickenham Stadium where Kate revealed that the young royal has started playing rugby at school.



The eight-year-old said that he’s just started learning how to tackle before turning to his mom and saying, “But I haven’t tackled you yet!” The Duchess laughed in reply, insisting, “Yes, you have!” And it seems her youngest, Prince Louis, might also have a future in sports as Kate said that the three-year-old has “started taking his referee whistle to nursery [school].”


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