Kate Middleton’s rare insight into marriage with Prince William

Kate Middleton's rare insight into marriage with Prince William


Kate Middleton and Prince William got married with the world watching in 2011, and although they very lead public lives with many royal appearances, the couple remain extremely private about their marriage.



However, in a video call in January, Kate paid tribute to her beloved husband Prince William by declaring that he has been her biggest support during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Duchess joined in an open discussion with three parents, whose children attend Roe Green Junior School in Brent, alongside the school’s headteacher, to share their experiences of lockdown life and the struggles of parenting amid the pandemic.



Prince William and Kate Middleton's kissing
She answered questions about how she found homeschooling – revealing that she struggles with maths – but she also gave an unexpected insight into her marriage with Prince William. When the group was asked: “Who has been the greatest support to you during the pandemic?,” the Duchess immediately wrote down William’s name. She grinned as she proudly held his name towards the camera and the headteacher said: “That’s lovely.”



Kate Middleton's rare insight into marriage with Prince William

Twitter users were pleased with this gesture from Kate with one writing: “Of course it’s William,” accompanied by emojis with love heart eyes.

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It is believed Prince William and Kate Middleton have an equal partnership when parenting

Although the Cambridges do not like to disclose much about their relationship, the unofficial royal biography, Finding Freedom concludes that they have “an equal partnership,” going on to say that William is “involved in every aspect of raising his three children – including school drop-off and pickup, as well as homework”.


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