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Katie Miller REJECTS Taylor Swift comparisons after the stunning fiancee of Minnesota quarterback Cole Kramer went viral as she cheered him on from stands in Quick Lane Bowl

The fiancee of Minnesota quarterback Cole Kramer has dismissed her comparisons to Taylor Swift after going viral at her partner’s recent game against Bowling Green.

Cameras repeatedly turned to Katie Miller during ESPN’s coverage Minnesota’s 30-24 victory on Tuesday night as Kramer led the Golden Gophers to the win.

It led to some somewhat inevitable comparisons to Taylor Swift, who has been at several Kansas City Chiefs NFL games this season, cheering on her new boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Now, in an interview with People about her newfound fam, Miller played down her comparisons to the singer.

‘It’s a bit of a reach but I’ll take it,’ she said. ‘Being featured as much as I was at the game wasn’t something that I ever anticipated, but at the end of the day I was just pumped to be there supporting Cole and the rest of the team in their victory.

I do think being compared to Taylor Swift is a bit of a reach, but as someone who shed tears of joy getting to see Taylor at the Eras Tour earlier this year, I’ll take it.

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Fans tuning in for the game took to social media to discuss how much airtime Miller got from just being in the stadium.

‘One thing about the [Quick] Lane Bowl is you’re gonna know Cole Kramer and Katie Miller are getting married,’ media personality Mike Golic Jr. said on social media.

‘Jeez just change the name of the game to the Katie Miller Bowl already,’ one user said on X.

Another social-media user posted a GIF from the movie ‘Dumb & Dumber’ of Jim Carrey’s character, Lloyd Christmas, saying ‘I don’t care!’ in regards to the coverage of Miller.

‘We need to start buying Katie Miller gifts from her registry,’ another fan on X said.

‘[Over/Under] on how many times Katie Miller will be mentioned in the 4th Quarter? I’ll set the line at 9.5 and take the over,’ another fan predicted.

Kramer only finished the game with 26 passing yards, quite low for a starting quarterback despite the Golden Gophers’ win.



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